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rename home image to bust cache

parent 044c09fc
title: "John Breen"
subtitle: Developer
image: /img/home-jumbotron.jpg
image: /img/me-jumbotron.v1.jpg
heading: Who am I?
text: "I'm an experienced and versatile full-stack web and mobile developer with leadership and architecture experience across several platforms and languages."
{{ define "main" }}
{{ partial "jumbotron" (dict "imageUrl" "/img/home-jumbotron.jpg" "title" "Latest stories") }}
{{ partial "jumbotron" (dict "imageUrl" "/img/me-jumbotron.v1.jpg" "title" "Latest stories") }}
<div class="mw7 center">
<ul class="flex-ns flex-wrap mhn1-ns pa3">
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