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Add Black Girls CODE to resume

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......@@ -58,33 +58,25 @@ jobs:
- Active member of LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG)
- company: Gloto
role: Software Developer
role: Software Developer/Product Owner
dates: July 2015—June 2016
- details:
- Implemented major features and redesigns of Android and iOS apps and Ruby APIs.
- Provided estimates and planned projects as a product owner.
- Worked with on-site project manager and external client teams to scope and deliver projects in a timely manner.
- company: Weather Analytics
role: Software Engineer
dates: September 2014—July 2015
- details:
- Developed Android and iOS apps, as well as the supporting Spring REST APIs to display and analyze weather data.
- Attended client meetings with the CEO as a technical expert.
- company: G3 Technologies
role: Software Test Engineer
dates: February 2013—September 2014
- details:
- Developed scripts and automated tests for software-defined radios.
- company: Raytheon Solipsys
role: Software Engineer I
dates: June 2010—February 2013
- details:
- Developed applications on a Java/Swing Geospatial Visualization Framework.
- name: Black Girls CODE
dates: July 2020—Present
- Volunteer instructor for
- Teach iOS development courses to girls age 13-17.
- Build introductory and intermediate technical curricula for camps and workshops
- Mentor students and instill a growth mindset in order to foster a more inclusive tech industry.
- name: Konnected—Conference/Event App
dates: November 2016—December 2018
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