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title: "John Breen"
subtitle: Using my experience and privilege to build more inclusive systems, products, and cultures.
layout: resume
- company: Till, inc
role: Lead Full-Stack Engineer
dates: June 2019—Present
- Built a full-stack web application for Rental Loan product with React, Typescript, and Node.js.
- Deploy and manage critical production infrastructure, including Lambda functions, Amazon ECS clusters and Docker images,CloudFront, DynamoDB.
- Build and manage a Snowflake data warehouse and several data ETL pipelines that ingest data from various external systems using AWS Lambda, Typescript, and Python.
- Lead a small platform team focused on delivering value through our core data pipelines and common system infrastructure.
- Advocate for my team members’ needs to ensure they are included in the team and can work comfortably and productively.
- Meet and coordinate with product leadership to build a sustainable roadmap and ensure we are building the right technical solutions.
- Mentor team members through one-on-ones, pair programming, goal-setting and coaching. I meet with my teammates regularly to make sure they have what they need to be happy and successful.
- Foster an intentional, empathetic remote culture
- Diagram and document foundational technical architecture decisions
- Make space for quieter voices in meetings and discussions
- Advocate for policies and benefits that help those who are most vulnerable - generous parental leave, inclusive hiring practices, flexible hours and remote work, building diverse hiring pipelines
- company: Upside Business Travel
role: Senior Full-Stack Engineer
dates: January 2018—June 2019
- Led a project for a new booking platform in Node.js to support flexible, - scalable bookings.
- Coordinated effectively cross-functionally with Customer Experience, Quality Engineering, and Product teams to design, plan, test, and launch new booking platform on schedule and without major issues.
- Project lead for automated UI testing in Android and iOS. Mentored, trained,and supervised two members of Quality Engineering team who implemented automated tests.
- Consistently delivered features and products to production efficiently, on time, and with high quality.
- Implemented a variation of Clean Architecture in Node.js with Typescript, enabling thorough unit tests and increasing developer productivity.
- Architected the Android app in Kotlin with a Model-View-Presenter pattern, data mapping, and view models for reusable UI components.
- Fostered learning and growth culture by leading lightning talks, lunch and learns, new hire onboarding presentations, formal mentorship programs, code reviews, one-on-ones, and whiteboard architecture meetings.
- Active participant in Diversity and Culture internal teams initiatives.
- company: WeddingWire, Inc
role: Senior Software Engineer
dates: June 2016—January 2018
- Built offline-first persistence layer in Android using Room, RxJava, and Retrofit.
- Co-led a project for a navigation overhaul in the flagship iOS application.
- Completed a selective 12-week leadership development program.
- company: Gloto
role: Software Developer
dates: July 2015—June 2016
- Provided estimates and planned projects as a product owner. Worked with on-site project manager and external client teams to scope and deliver projects in a timely manner.
- Implemented major features and redesigns of Android and iOS apps and Ruby APIs.
- company: Weather Analytics
role: Software Engineer
dates: September 2014—July 2015
- Developed Android and iOS apps, as well as the supporting Spring REST APIs to display and analyze weather data.
- Attended client meetings with the CEO as a technical expert.
- company: G3 Technologies
role: Software Test Engineer
dates: February 2013—September 2014
- Developed scripts and automated tests for software-defined radios.
- company: Raytheon Solipsys
role: Software Engineer I
dates: June 2010—February 2013
- Developed applications on a Java/Swing Geospatial Visualization Framework.
- names: Konnected—Conference/Event App
dates: November 2016—December 2018
- Worked as the sole iOS developer of a small team to build an app from scratch in three months of evening and weekend work.
- Implemented a news feed with support for images, videos, and polls and built real-time chat with Firebase Cloud Messaging.
- Grew app from initial launch to a peak of almost 10,000 monthly active users by traveling to conferences and working hands-on with attendees to gather feedback and improve brand recognition.
- key: University of Maryland - Baltimore County
value: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
- key: AWS
value: Certified Solutions Architect Associate
- key: SCRUMStudy
value: Scrum Fundamentals Certified
- key: Meetups
value: DC Tech, React DC, Cocoaheads DC, DC Android
- key: Conferences
value: Lesbians Who Tech, Juneteenth Conf, WWDC, iOSDevCampDC, KotlinConf, Android Summit
- Python
- Snowflake
- JavaScript
- TypeScript
- Node
- React
- Redux
- GraphQL
- Docker
- Kotlin
- Android
- Java
- Object-Oriented Programming
- Functional Programming
- Swift
- iOS
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