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- company: Laerdal Labs DC
role: Lead Software Engineer
dates: February 2020—Present
- name: Technical
- Triage and troubleshoot bugs and incidents in AWS using Datadog.
- Maintain and Improve the performance of an industry-leading medical simulation product used globally by doctors and nurses.
- Introduced a release schedule and process improvements focused around delivering value to customers regularly.
- name: Leadership
- Lead a cross-functional team of 5-7 people who build our full-stack cloud web application
- Meet regularly with other leaders and stakeholders to decide on the product roadmap and strategic direction.
- Interview potential candidates as part of our hiring initiatives.
- Attended a series of management trainings and learned about situational leadership.
- name: Culture
- Advocated for and attended a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshop.
- Cultivate an environment of belonging and curiosity by asking questions, modeling vulnerability, and showing compassion for my colleagues.
- company: Till, inc.
role: Lead Full-Stack Engineer
dates: June 2019—Present
dates: June 2019—February 2020
- name: Technical
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